Financial Planner
Financial Planner

You are inspired to be a financial planner and wanted to be the pioneer of financial practices.

You possess a CFP (or ChFC; or RFP) certification and are looking for opportunities to embark on the Financial Planning business. Even without CFP, ChFC or RFP, you can still be a financial planner as long as you have the passion and aspiration.

At our Financial Planning Centre (FPC), we have the solutions for you.

Our mission at the FPC is to become your business partner and help you in becoming a professional and competent financial planner. At FPC, we will help you to obtain the Capital Markets Services Representative's License from Securities Commission and provide you the tools and platform to maximise the value of your services.

Call and find out more on the career path of FPC's financial planners at 03-7726 2000 or email

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