Benefits of our wealth preservation solutions

We know how harrowing and tedious processes can be especially when it comes to asset reclamations. That is why we’ve thought ahead and included a wealth of benefits for you.

Wealth of conveniences:

  • Your unit trust investment goes directly to your designated nominees.
  • No hassle, no fuss, no unnecessary run-around.
  • No prolonged procedures.
  • No falling into the wrong hands.
  • No undue publicity of a probate court.
  • Safeguarding your assets.
  • Just peace of mind, the way you want it.

Wealth of services:

  • Making a Will
  • Trust
  • Assignment of Power of Attorney
  • Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney

Islamic Financial Planning
We are equally conversant with Shariah compliant financial planning and offer a comprehensive range of products: Wasiat Writing, Harta Sepencarian, Pri-Hibah, Pri-Niaga. All designed to conform to Islamic fundamental guidelines and reflect the individual’s pursuit of Islamic ideals.

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