Create. Protect. Preserve.
Your Wealth Management Partner

Welcome to CWA’s unique way to total financial freedom.
We offer a 3-pronged multi-product solution planning that goes beyond today.
Creating wealth through investment portfolio diversification
Everyone knows that his or her store of wealth today can easily diminish in value with inflation and without proper guidance. We believe it is essential that you start building your wealth as soon as possible. Let us begin by sharing our comprehensive investment strategies on how you too, can deploy the best ways to create more wealth from an initial amount.

Protection Planning
Protection planning ensures your continued ability to provide for your family or business in case of any future misfortune in your life.

Wealth Preservation
Our wealth preservation solutions include Trust Nomination, Estate Planning and Islamic Estate Planning. They are all designed to ensure that your accumulated wealth remained secure for you, your family and your business, in the event death occurs.

Your Wealth Management Partner
Our customers’ needs are our top priority
We believe that every one is unique and deserves his or her special financial planning. With us, there is simply no one size to fit all! Precisely why at CWA, we offer multi-product plans and services to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. Our consultants are trained to first understand your special requirement, and to recommend the best combination of our wealth accumulation and preservation products, takaful products or protection services for optimum results. Think of us a one-stop centre for Total Financial Freedom.

Your Wealth Management Partner
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